Nathan Homes is a custom home builder that has mastered open floor plans and casual living spaces. With unusual finishes, an indoor/outdoor connection and the incorporation of several “green” elements, Nathan Homes offers you something that no one else can: a home that is built for the way we really live.

With Nathan Homes, you will work directly with the builder throughout the construction process. Together you will select the floor plan that’s right for your family’s lifestyle, customize the layout and finishes and establish continued, regular communication during the building period. When you are handed your set of keys to your new home, you will know that your home has the utmost quality and attention to detail. Nathan Homes is committed to the highest level of customer service.

Our pricing is inclusive, so you always know the final cost of your home without change orders and builder add-ons. Our unique plans provide you with a home that is functional, original and full of value.

Nathan Homes was founded in 2006 starting at $500,000 and up, which exemplifies “Laid Back Luxury”. Through this line of carefully designed and truly captivating home plans, Nathan Homes has constructed many beautiful homes in the Omaha metro area all expertly catering to its many clients individual needs. In 2016 a new line of homes launched calling them “Laid Back Lifestyle”,  catering to the $350,000 – $450,000 price range, called LBL, in which Nathan Homes felt was an under served market.